Open Technologies provided an Iowa County with a thin client solution to help them streamline their desktop management and provisioning process.

Managing approximately 100 dispersed desktops throughout the various county government offices was a bit overwhelming. In order to simplify desktop maintenance, patching, and recovery, Open Technologies helped this customer design and implement a thin client device solution to a small set of its office workers.

The pilot proved successful and within six months they replaced nearly 40 PCs with thin clients. These devices are installed in traditional office locations as well as the county maintenance sheds.

The maintenance team used to take up to 30 minutes to boot-up their laptop computers, login to the system, and make changes to some of their remote devices. With the switch to thin clients and Java card technologies, it now takes seconds for the workers to login and make their changes.

Another benefit is the ability to create and store user profiles and templates. In one instance an end-user’s computing session got infected by a virus. With a PC, it normally took the IT staff upwards of three days to rebuild the PC back to it’s original state. With our thin client solution, they were able to delete the infected session, then create a new one using the users template. This process took about 15 minutes.

The implementation of the thin client environment helped streamline the maintenance of this customer’s desktop environment that now allows the IT Department to focus on key initiatives that help generate income for the County.