In 1993, a leading Midwest Internet Service Provider launched its first prototype Internet service using a single PC with a 486 processor, four modems, and bulletin board system software. The prototype was highly successful, and soon the ISP required a more powerful and reliable system to handle the growing traffic load. As their footprint grew, they continued grow, serving more Midwest customers each day.

Serving thousands of bandwidth hungry Internet customers is a mission critical application. Failure to meet the growing processing demands of their customers would result in unhappy customers flooding customer service with phone calls.

Business Issues

  • Support growth and availability by upgrading server technology
  • Increase scalability to support doubling of email volume every 3 years
  • Implement redundant remote disaster recovery site
  • Eliminate email interruptions caused by overloaded servers


Open Technologies designed a solution that would exceed performance for existing customers and be the foundation for future growth as the ISP scaled to handle growing customer demand.

The infrastructure hardware was upgraded with the latest multi-core/multi-thread server technology including server blades, UNIX systems, and carrier-grade Telco servers. We also implemented a robust server virtualization software solution to help utilize the upgraded computing resources more efficiently.


The performance benchmarks spoke for themselves.

  • Twenty-fold increase in email server performance
  • Ability to support growth of business and doubling of email volume every 3 years
  • 50% reduction in TCO for server virtualized
  • 90% reduction in email/server administration time

And, with the new architecture, the client can easily forecast the “total cost of ownership” based on future growth, with the fully scalable infrastructure installed by Open Technologies.