Organizations are reevaluating their application and data access methods for employees and contractors while in the office, at home or while out of town.  With more devices requiring access to your organization’s data, maintaining traditional remote access methods is becoming more difficult.  Our Professional Services Group provides technology assessments and implementation services to help customers understand, define and implement secure methods to accessing a common view of your applications and desktops.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is one solution that provides users access to centrally managed virtualized desktops and applications hosted in a data center.  Our partner solutions can host a large number of virtualized desktops that are presented to the user at any location using a physical thin client device, a web browser, or soft client that runs on a Windows PC. Virtualization allows for better compute resource utilization, environmental resource savings, better security control over user access to corporate data.  With thin clients requiring much less power, the electrical cost saving can be significant.

Many companies now have employees working from home or that require access while traveling, which runs the risk of company data on a remote laptop that can be lost or stolen and not backed up. VDI solves these problems by allowing users a secure way to remotely access their office desktop wherever they have a internet connection. People working remotely can access a desktop with a thin client that works over the WAN or through a web browser from their laptop. This prevents data from being stored on an unknown number of unsecure external devices and, therefore, making it easier to secure and back your data.

VDI user’s desktop sessions can be associated with a name or a physical smart card that can be inserted into thin clients allowing users to go from one location to another without ever having to log out of their desktop and close their apps.  This allows users to continue to work right where they left off and to collaborate with others on what they are working on. VDI also includes location awareness, which when combined with profile management software, allows administrators to specify what printers to use when using specific thin clients and what applications users can have access too. Open Technologies has worked with a range of customers from large healthcare providers to small school systems and our Services team can help you come up with a solution that fits your needs. Below are some of our VDI related partners.