Backup Applications

To protect critical files backup application software is used to manage the backup of your selected data at scheduled intervals. The software can be used to backup data to disk, tape, or cloud storage and can keep the backups available for specified lengths of time.  Most backup software now make use of deduplication in order to reduce space and backup time.

Simpana – Enterprise level backup that includes many integrated features including Intellisnap to tie into the snapshot capabilities of storage arrays.
Enterprise level backup that includes a number of features.

Archive Platforms, Applications, and Storage

Archiving is the process of moving data that is no longer active or rarely accessed to different, typically cheaper,  storage for long term retention for reference or compliance reasons. Archiving requires the use of software for moving and accessing the data and hardware for storing the data, being either disk or tape.

Remote data collected and archived automatically with HDS hardware (HDI, HCP). Quick and efficient data searches with HDS software (HDDS).
Archiving agents move data from primary to secondary storage leaving stubs at the primary storage pointing to the new location for quick retrieval.