Unified and Engineered Systems, Servers, and Blades

Unified and Engineered Systems

Unified compute systems typically integrate servers, storage, and networking switches into an appliance like system. The management software or orchestration layer is the differentiator feature between these types of systems. The most advanced systems fully integrate all detailed tasks across all hardware and software components of the system to make the provisioning of new services a very easy process.

Unified systems designed for mixed workloads (e.g., VMware, Microsoft HV’s) and unified systems designed for application specific configurations (e.g., SAP HANA, Oracle DB, SQL, Exchange, and more …)

Servers and Blades

Standard 1u to 5u x86 servers and blade systems to 1u to 5u Sparc Systems.

Hitachi’s compute blade systems (500 with 8x blade chassis) and it’s unique (2000 8x blade chassis) capable combining and splitting blades to form larger or smaller systems.
Well know for providing a broad range of standard 1u, 2u, and 3u x86 servers for general purpose workloads.