Specialty Hospital Finds Cure With Thin Client Solution

A Kansas specialty hospital was faced with a large number of desktops that had reached end-of-life and were requiring constant repairs from their small IT staff. They were interested in thin client technology and asked Open Technologies to recommend a solution and provide a proof of concept.

Open Technologies provided the software, server, thin clients, smart cards for authentication, and support to allow the medical personnel to try out the solution. The thin clients were used to access the hospital’s information system via Windows terminal services. The proof of concept was very well received by the medical staff as well as the staff who support the administrative functions of the hospital. The ease of use and increased security offered by the smart cards were major benefits.

An initial deployment of thin clients was successfully completed and a second phase is underway to extend the benefits of the thin client solution by using a virtual desktop solution in conjunction with the thin clients. The hospital is planning to use the thin clients in the surgical areas as well as investigating their possible use with mobile carts or inpatient rooms. A future project will look at extending the thin client technology to an adjacent clinic.

With the thin client solution from Open Technologies, the hospital reduced support costs for desktops, and increased security for authentication and the centralization of hospital data inside their computer room.

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